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Bobby has been involved in public speaking since 2015. He has been a student of personal growth since 2013 and he continues to study to this day. Bobby says, “You can never stop learning about yourself and the people around you.” His enthusiasm and love for people are what make him an excellent speaker. He has found joy in life, and that joy comes from inspiring others. Bobby has the ability to deliver a message that makes you feel like you are there watching the event unfold. This is what gives his speaking such impact.

Speaking Topics

The Seed Within

From Bobby’s book by the same title, “The Seed Within” is a journey of self discovery. God has planted a seed within each of us. That seed when nurtured and cared for will in turn, bring great joy into your life. Learn what is takes to discover and then cultivate your God given seed within.

60 minutes


  • Everyone is a unique individual person
  • Discover your unique purpose
  • Embrace your purpose
  • Happiness v.s. Joy

First Time Fatherhood

Having grown up without a father. Bobby had to go through the process of understanding the role of being a father. Through the use of role models and the discovery of the laws of human nature, Bobby became a  father of compassion, integrity, discipline, and most importantly love. For  4 and later through marriage the father of 8.  In “Fatherhood” he describes that process and passes on that knowledge to individuals in all stages of fatherhood.

30 or 60 minutes


  • The reward of fatherhood out weighs everything else
  • No one individual person is a perfect father
  • Everything you say and do is being watched
  • You are their hero
  • Be the man you want your son to be.

Three Feet From Gold

Three Feet from Gold was first told by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. It is a classic tale of R.U. Darby and his Uncle who left Maryland for Colorado to seek their fortune in the Colorado gold rush. Darby and his uncle are deeply in debt when they hit a very pure vein of gold. Together they collect enough gold to nearly pay off their debt, when the vein runs out. Disillusioned they close up their mine and sell it all to a local junk dealer. That junk dealer digs another three feet inside the mine, and hits the mother load of all time. Had Darby and his uncle persevered for just a little longer it would have been them celebrating victory. This story illustrates the necessity to never quit working towards the goal. Darby takes responsibility for the decisions he has made and makes a point of paying back all the money that he had borrowed. Darby learns from the mistakes he and his uncle made and goes on to become a very wealthy man by selling insurance.

30 or 60 minutes


  • Never quit – quitting only makes quitting easier
  • Decisions put results in place
  • Take responsibility for the decisions you make

Stay the Course

This is a stand alone or follow up to either “The Seed Within” or “Fatherhood”. In “Stay on Course”, Bobby emphasizes how keeping focused on the main goal, is just part of the process. Every decision made or not made can alter the direction you are going. If an airplane departs from Los Angeles California destined for New York, the slightest variation in heading could have the plane arriving in Maine or South Carolina! Staying on Course is crucial to achieving success!

30 minutes


  • Stay focused
  • Checking your progress
  • Be mindful of distractions
  • Keep your goals on course

Business Motivational – Team Call / Zoom

Bobby has conducted a multitude of motivational video and audio business and direct sales team calls. His topics include “Ask”, “C.A.N.I. (constant and never ending improvement)”, “Urgency”, “Learn to Earn”, “Customer Service”, and “Integrity”, just to name a few. Bobby will spend time with the leader of the call so that each call can be custom tailored to fit the specific aspects of your business. Whether it be insurance, manufacturing, or direct sales. Each topic is set at approximately 18 to 20 minutes. This allows time for introductions, Q & A, and closing to fit within a typical 30 minute team call.

Contact Bobby for a complete listing of topics with takeaways and to customize your team call today.

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Bobby has had some highs and lows and finds the silver lining. He is an inspiration to all of us. Just talking with him helps me create new and positive possibilities. I first met Bobby at a Roaring Colorado Toastmasters meeting. I was very impressed with him. He is professional and his speaking abilities have grown and expanded. He is a phenomenal motivational speaker. He knows how to command the attention of his audience and his motivational skills are captivating. I look forward to hearing his speeches any time.