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The Journey of Self Discovery

Who am I?

Ever notice how some people just seem to be happy? How some people just seem to be full of joy? How they seem to be fulfilled? Each and every day when you see them they have a smile on their face. Maybe they are whistling a tune, or just have a look of contentment about them. They never seem to be having a bad day. They never have a harsh word. Sometimes you might think, what do they have to be so happy about? The reason is because they have found their purpose. They have discovered their reason for being. Which brings them great joy.

The Seed Within by Bobby Branham

Available March, 2020

“The Seed Within” is a journey of self discovery. God has planted a seed within each of us. That seed when nurtured and cared for will in turn, bring great joy into your life. Just like a tree must go through a growth process before it can bring forth fruit, so must we. “The Seed Within” will show you how to first discover what your seed is, then cultivate your seed. How to water, fertilize and provide sunshine. How to remove the weeds of negativity that steal the nutrients from your seed. As your seed, your purpose, begins to evolve. You will discover the difference between happiness and true joy. True joy that comes from producing your God given, intended fruit.

The Seed Within by Bobby Branham

Insights & Empowerment Benefits

Unleash the power within

Personality Insights

Before anyone can begin to understand other people they have to have an understanding of themselves. Using the Personality Lingo system, Bobby helps people to discover and learn about their own personality type. There are four main personality types and one will be more dominant over the others. This seminar helps you to understand why you do things they way you do and then why others do things the way they do.

What Is Your Purpose

So many people put an emphasis on being happy. “I just want to be happy” they will say. What they don’t understand is that happiness is fleeting. Joy is long standing. Joy comes from knowing your purpose. Joy comes from pursuing your purpose. Success comes through joy.

Discovering First Time Fatherhood

Bobby grew up, for the most part, without a father. His mother filled both roles of father and mother. When he first became a father, he found himself having to discover who and what a father is all about. If you are in or are approaching a similar situation, join him as he explains this process of discovery.

Three Feet from Gold

Napoleon Hill’s classic tale of perseverance. Told from stage, this is a very engaging story of how decisions have a lasting impact. How taking responsibility for those decisions is of the utmost importance and how walking away from a goal can have detrimental consequences.

Trusted By

Bobby is an inspiration to listen to, communicate with and just to hang around with. He emphasizes the importance of making decisions, the right decisions, in order to elevate your engagement in life to a higher level.

Bobby is such a dedicated and accomplished individual. He is a joy to work with!