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“The Seed Within” is a journey of self discovery. God has planted a seed within each of us. That seed when nurtured and cared for will in turn, bring great joy into your life. Just like a tree must go through a growth process before it can bring forth fruit, so must we. No child is ever expected to immediately take care of itself. Feed itself, clean up after itself. The child must grow and learn these things. As adults, we must always continue to learn and grow. Just as the tree continues to grow and reach for the sky. The tree sees no ceiling. It never says “That’s as far as I can go, I’ve reached my limit.”

It continues to reach higher and higher. You should never feel as though you have reached your limit. As though you can go no further. There is no limit to human potential. Man can achieve so much! We all have a God given desire to achieve, to succeed, to become better, to do more. God did not intent for anyone to be limited. We are created in His image, He knows no limits. Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. If He did not want for us to be  and do better, to grow and achieve, we would still be living in caves speaking in grunts and simple gestures. Marveling at how fire is hot and ice is cold.

“The Seed Within” shows you how to first discover what your seed is, then cultivate your seed. How to water, fertilize and provide sunshine. How to remove the weeds of negativity that steal the nutrients from your seed. As your seed, your purpose, begins to evolve. You will discover the difference between happiness and true joy. True joy that comes from producing your God given, intended fruit.


  • Everyone is a unique individual person
  • Discover your unique purpose
  • Embrace your purpose
  • Happiness v.s. Joy
The Seed Within by Bobby Branham

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I have heard Bobby speak many times and have always learned so much, and enjoyed hearing him speak! He is able to present topics in an interesting and motivating fashion that keeps his audiences entertained and enthralled with what he is sharing! He makes you think, he makes you search your soul, and gives you ideas to apply it to your life! I always learn so much when I hear Bobby speak and hope you will enjoy his wisdom whenever you can!